NOAA SBIR PII Award To Develop Subseasonal Forecasts

The World Climate Service focuses on providing the best possible seasonal and subseasonal forecasts available.  To that end, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has awarded a phase II SBIR grant to the World Climate Service.  The goal of the SBIR is to fund the development of seasonal and subseasonal climate forecasts of industry-specific impact variables and extreme events.  These variables include heating degree days, cooling degree days, wind speed, and solar radiation.

The grant will allow Prescient Weather to extend the capabilities of the World Climate Service.  The expected development will improve the subseasonal forecast capabilities by focusing on ensuring accurate probabilistic subseasonal climate forecasts through specialized ensemble numerical weather prediction model calibration.

March 2020 Update:  We recently provided a presentation hosted by the NOAA SBIR office.  We were invited to discuss the science developed and our success since completing this SBIR.   A recording of the presentation can be found below.

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