Seasonal Climate Forecast Portal:

Unparalleled Insight

The World Climate Service provides seasonal climate forecasts up to 6 months in advance and delivers the tools necessary to understand and succeed with these challenging predictions.

Key Benefits

WCS Seasonal Climate Forecast Portal

  • Make confident forecast decisions with unique WCS tools and insights. Our proprietary methods uncover high probability “forecasts of opportunity”, keeping you ahead of the competition.

    • Our expertise in the rapidly advancing science of seasonal forecasting is ingrained in every aspect of the product.

  • Save time with efficient, intuitive access to a comprehensive portal containing all the information necessary to analyze climate risk and variability.

    • Access includes extended range forecast models, analog-based tools, and climate index tracking and forecasts, as well as a monthly written seasonal forecast report.

  • Gain understanding of seasonal climate drivers and risks by comparing current conditions to prior analog years using a comprehensive suite of WCS historical climate tools.

  • Improve your communication of risk by gauging agreement between models, analogs, and statistical forecasts. Explore climate sensitivity to key drivers in the seasonal timeframe using WCS analog tools.

Seasonal Forecast Subscription Options

World Climate Service Seasonal

Seasonal Climate Forecast Reports

  • North America/Europe Seasonal Forecast Report (also sold separately)

  • East Asia Seasonal Forecast Report (also sold separately)

Web Portal Includes:

  • Calibrated multi-model dynamical model forecasts

  • Daily updated CFSv2 forecasts

  • Analog Analysis and Forecasting Tools

  • Teleconnection Index Tracking and Forecasts

  • ERA5 Reanalysis Mapping

  • Teleconnection Index Impacts

  • Forecast verification

  • Historical and real-time SST maps

  • Access to Experimental Products

Discover how World Climate Service can be your primary source for reliable climate forecasting