Climate Forecast Services: Improving Weather-Related Decisions at Long Lead Times

Weather and Climate Prediction at the Leading Edge of Science

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Industry-Leading Long-Range Forecasts and Climate Risk Tools

The World Climate Service is a comprehensive climate service that provides unparalleled insight for long-lead forecasts.

Users benefit from improved forecasting efficiency, industry-leading accuracy, and superior identification and communication of climate risks.

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World Climate Service Benefits

Objective and credible long-lead forecasts and climate risk information provides the following benefits to our customers:

  • Save time preparing your forecast
  • Make confident and timely forecast decisions
  • Understand key seasonal climate drivers and risks
  • Quickly identify subseasonal trends and predictability
  • Improve your communication of climate risks

Competitive Advantages

Comprehensive Approach

The World Climate Service provides a unique combination of forecast and analysis tools to uncover predictability and maximize success.

Probability & Confidence

The World Climate Service enables high-value decision making with a rigorous approach to probabilistic forecasting. Identifying high probability “forecasts of opportunity” allows customers to make decisions confidently.

Data-Driven Services

The World Climate Service empowers user decision systems by providing automated data feeds. Quantitative forecasts of industry-specific variables allow clients to make weather-sensitive decisions with confidence.

Whom We Serve

The World Climate Service supports meteorologists, risk managers, commodity traders, analysts, and data scientists in the following industries



Insurance and the Weather Risk Market

Disaster Risk

Other climate sensitive activities


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