Welcome to the World Climate Service, a trusted source of
long-range weather and climate forecasts
World Climate Service clients include major firms and multinational enterprises with diverse exposure to weather and climate, including leaders in the energy, financial, and agriculture sectors.  Here is what some of our clients are saying:
"...like having another meteorologist in our office" 1
"...very valuable when developing a long-range outlook for Europe" 2
"...the WCS analysis/products are accurate, interesting and helpful..." 3
"...better and better, I am really impressed" 4
Inquire about a WCS subscription.  Seasonal and subseasonal packages are available.
Explore CropProphet, a county-level US crop forecasting system powered by the World Climate Service
1  A meteorologist at a large US energy utility     
2  A client at a major international energy trading firm     
3  A meteorologist at a British electric utility company     
4  A meteorologist at a British multinational utility company
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