Serving Professionals & Institutions

From commodity trading desk meteorologists and risk specialists to insurance companies and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization – professionals and institutions rely on the World Climate Service to inform trading, risk, and operational decisions.

The World Climate Service seasonal and subseasonal products offer powerful benefits built on two decades of innovative research and forecast experience.

Commodity Trading Desk Meteorologists

Commodity trade desk meteorologists benefit from using the World Climate Service by:

  • Saving time. As a “one-stop-shop”, WCS brings together a wide range of critical tools and information in a single portal, with an efficient and intuitive user interface.
  • Improving communication of risk with traders by quantifying the chances of significant outcomes and understanding the key drivers and sensitivities in the forecast.

Insurance and the Weather Risk Market

Insurance companies benefit from using World Climate Service by:

  • Quantifying portfolio risk using bias-corrected and calibrated forecast data.
  • Improving understanding of risk profiles through reliable probabilistic forecasts of future events.
  • Improving communication of risk with internal and external stakeholders by presenting visually attractive climate information and forecast maps.

Disaster Risk Managers

Risk managers benefit from using World Climate Service by:

  • Saving time in climate risk assessment and contingency planning across the entire subseasonal to seasonal time horizon.
  • Accurately estimating the risk of adverse outcomes using reliable probabilistic seasonal and subseasonal forecasts.
  • Confidently identifying emerging risks with forecasts that are backed by the best science available.

Discover how World Climate Service can be your primary source for reliable climate forecasting