Comprehensive Daily Yield and Production Forecast Mail


CropProphet provides customers a web-based interface to enable exploration and analysis of not only the yield and production forecasts, but also the weather conditions that have occurred and weather conditions forecast occur that may have a significant impact the crops.

We understand that you are busy, and that weather is an important market factor but not the only information driving commodity price changes. You may not have time to log into the interface every day.

CropProphet Enterprise, Enterprise SFTP, and Modeler customers receive an email each day including a forecast update summary. It is sent each day at 8 AM ET/7 AM CT in the United States from May until November. The email includes not only the current yield and production forecasts but also the changes from the previous day, the difference from current USDA estimates, and the forecasts implied by the weather forecast models.

CropProphet benefits user by saving time. This critical information is available in your email inbox at the start of each day without having to access the product. Of course, the web-based product is always available, should you need to conduct an in-depth analysis.