Brian G. Zimmerman

Junior Scientist

Brian G. Zimmerman is a junior scientist with Prescient Weather Ltd. He holds three degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison – a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering (2013), an M.S. in Water Resource Engineering (2016) and an M.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science (2017).

Mr. Zimmerman utilizes his knowledge of statistics and programming along with his familiarity with complex geospatial datasets to assist with the development and operationalization of new products for Prescient Weather, as well as engaging in more experimental R&D activities. A ‘jack-of-all-trades’, he may one day be assisting the senior scientists at Prescient Weather with the ingest and calibration of new dynamical model output, the next engaging in a the delivery of bias-corrected weather data for a client, and at the end of the week experimenting with incorporating machine and deep learning techniques into Prescient’s modeling framework. His academic research has focused on developing and evaluating statistical models for seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasting.

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